Torrijas (1611, Spain)


Torrijas are the exquisite French toast variant of Spain, and a festive institution - weirdly though, only in the one small region of Cantabria. Fried in olive oil, and dipped in a separate egg and milk mixture for optimal custardy texture, this 1611 recipe is a timeless base for the delicious dessert, open to interpretaion and improvement.

This recipe comes from the 1611 cookbook Arte De Cozina, published in Madrid, and written by royal chef Francisco Martínez Montiño.
(Torrijas de Pan, Pg. 227)

Ingredients: (Serves two)

4 stale baguette slices
1 1/2 egg
50ml whole milk (milk by texture preference) 
Sugar to sprinkle

  1. Cut your stale baguette into thick-ish slices. How much egg you need really depends on the thickness of the bread, but a regular baguette will make small slices. The original recipe says the ratio is 2 torrija: 3 eggs, but that is designed for much thicker bread. We have elected for 1 1/2 egg.
  2. Dip bread in the milk. Move it about, sucking up as much milk so as for the bread to feel soft inside. Sprinkle salt on top of the bread, and dip in the egg mix.
  3. Fry in good amount of olive oil on a medium high heat, whilst adding egg on top with the teaspoon to cover all the bread completely.
  4. Fry until golden, squeeze honey on top, and sprinkle with sugar. Serve!

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