El Draque - The First Cocktail (C.1600s, Cuba)


Cocktails became popular only sometime in the mid-19th century, where it was transformed in London and Manhattan from a centuries old sailor’s scurvy-stay-away, to a fashionable, cosmopolitan beverage.

Ingredients: (Makes two)

A handful of fresh mint leaves
One lime
Two shots of rum (preferably white, but we used dark)
Sparkling water to fill 

  1. For El Draque, all you need is rum, (preferably white, but we’re using dark), mint, lime, sugar and sparkling water.
  2. First, slice up a handful of mint leaves. Next, cut up small chunks of the lime. Put the mint and the lime in a cocktail shaker, followed up two shots of rum, and fill with sparkling water.
  3. Now, give that thing a good shake! Pour after a minute of mixing, and take care to include all the ingredients in each drink.

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