Rupjmaizes Kartojums (C.1800s, Latvia)


Part II of the History of Bread Pudding features the Rupjmaizes Kartojums from Latvia, an exquisite and easy to make dessert layered with mascarpone cheese, rye bread, and cranberry.

This recipe will make three portions.

For the bread layer:                                        For the dairy layer:                       For the fruit layer:

3–4 slices of dark Latvian rye bread          110g mascarpone cheese            1/4 cup mashed cranberries

1 tbsp sugar                                                     1 tbsp sugar                                   1 tbsp sugar

1/2 tbsp ground cinnamon                          2 tbsp cream                    

                                                                            1/4 tsp vanilla sugar  

What makes this dish special is finding a good Latvian loaf. Latvian rye uses a unique kind of flour, and has a strong hint of caraway seed.

  1. Remove crust from bread, and grate until you’re left with large crumbs. Mix the breadcrumbs and cinnamon, then lightly toast in a frying pan until browned. Stir to prevent clumps.
  2. Halve the batch, and divide equally one of the halves at the bottom of your three glasses.
  3. Mix the cranberries and sugar, set aside, then for the dairy layer, mix mascarpone cheese, sugar, cream, and vanilla sugar and set aside.
  4. Now divide the dairy layer equally between the glasses, placing it on top of the rye bread, then add the fruit, and finish with a final layer of rye. You’re ready to serve!

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