Rhubarb Tart (1806, England)


A splendidly sweet and simple recipe to make, this rhubarb tart
marks the first ever rhubarb recipe in a British cookbook. It won't be the last!

This recipe comes from the 1806 cookbook A New System of Domestic Cookery, published in Madrid, and written by Maria Eliza Rundell.
(Rhubarb Tart, Pg. 180)

Ingredients: (Serves four)

90g butter
200g flour
75g caster sugar
3 eggs
350g of rhubarb

  1. Combine the butter and sugar into a smooth paste. 
  2. Add in the eggs and combine, then add the flour at once, and delicately combine. Take care not to agitate further than needed.
  3. Gently pour the mixture onto the counter and knead slowly. Roll out, and refridgerate for half an hour.
  4. Cut the rhubarb into shards and boil in a 2:1 water to sugar syrup on medium heat for ten minutes.
  5. Flour the surface, and roll out the pastry to about 1/2cm thickness. Put in a tin, trim off the excess pastry, and pierce holes all over the bottom. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. 
  6. Remember to take the rhubarb off the heat while you wait for the pastry. Add on top, and serve!

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