Pimiento Relleno (C.1700, Spain)


Stuffed peppers have an illustrious history around the globe; each country boasting their own version, unique to their culture. We’re trying out the stuffed peppers of Spain, Korea, India, and Mexico, exploring just how different a dish can get around the world.

This recipe is for the sublime Spanish bomba rice, tomato passata and onion stuffed pepper.

Ingredients: (Per stuffed pepper)

One red bell pepper
Half a white onion, diced
A cup of tomato passata
A pinch of salt
A pinch of white sugar
A pinch of oregano
Half a cup of bomba rice
A dash of saffron
3/4 a cup of vegetable stock

  1. Dice your onion, and add to the frying pan. During this, lightly salt one red bell pepper, and stick in the microwave for just two minutes. This makes it easier to cook later on.
  2. When your onion becomes transparent, add in the tomato passata, and pinches of salt, white sugar, and oregano. Add in your bomba rice. The mix should start to thicken.
  3. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees. Once the tomato passata and rice is thick, add vegetable stock, and a dash of saffron. Let the rice become puffy, but not fully cooked. Now stuff the mixture in your bell pepper, and leave to cook for twenty minutes or until the pepper wrinkles. Serve!

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