Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We created our show in an effort to bring an exciting and modern take on historical cookery; we want our audience to be able to make the dishes at home. Less whole partridge stuffed with seventeen quail eggs, more, what's the first cheesecake like? When did chocolate spread become a thing?

We’ve covered the earliest of ancient history, up to the 20th century, testing the first recipes of well known dishes to see how they change through the ages.

We love to discover food from around the world, as a means to understand our shared heritage, and create connections with people. We encourage being adventurous about food, and we enjoy eating historical nibbles on set. Food is the great uniter. 

Formed in August 2016, we’re a committed team of seven that puts our best in to making each episode of Recipe Rewind special. We aim to educate and entertain in an accessible way, with a contemporary attitude. 

Co-founder, writer, producer, and host of Recipe Rewind since day one.

Ethan Woodfin

Co-founder and cinematographer, a driving force in the visualisation of the project.

Kusan Mahesan

Camera assistant and script supervisor, the house tecchie and man with the plan.

Joshua Liles

 Camera operator and cinematographer, provider of good cheer on-set.

Conor Powell

Sound operator, production designer, and our on-set DJ, Conor is the life of the after party.

Emily-May Mustafa

Line producer and 1st AD, armed with clapperboard, and organising where possible.

Sam Webb

Handy set designer, and camera assistant - smiling through even the longest shoots.

Our channel is growing.

36,200+ views

With an active subscriber base, and yearly impressions of 137,250.

45 videos & counting...

Bringing a sense of contemporary excitement to the genre.

August 2016 

Joining YouTube's 'Edutainment' boom, we have sought to educate and entertain viewers on the history of food since our founding.

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