Macaroni Cheese (1465, Switzerland)


A fragrant and warming 600 year old Swiss-Italian recipe enlightens us
to the origins of one of our favourite dishes, and you may not recognise it.

This recipe comes from the 1465 cookbook The Art of Cookery, published in Rome, and written by Martino de Rossi (da Como).

Ingredients: (Serves two)

Long, thick pasta with hole (make your own, or bucatini is a good substitute)
Melted butter
Grated parmesan

  1. Boil the pasta in water or broth, depending on what season you are cooking. Broth for winter, and water for summer.
  2. Once cooked, mix in the other ingredients, of which the quantities are unspecified, and so to taste is your most reliable measure. Add some melted butter, cinnamon, a dash of salt, two tablespoons of sugar, rosewater, (be conservative with it), and grated parmesan, (be as liberal as you like.)
  3. Mix and serve!

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