Gochujeon (C.1600, Korea)


Stuffed peppers have an illustrious history around the globe; each country boasting their own version, unique to their culture. We’re trying out the stuffed peppers of Spain, Korea, India, and Mexico, exploring just how different a dish can get around the world.

This recipe is for the Korean tofu-stuffed, and battered, spicy chili peppers.

Ingredients: (Six chili peppers)

Six chilli peppers of various colours
A packet of firm tofu
A handful of spring onion
A pinch of salt
One egg
A handful of flour 

  1. Microwave the chili peppers for one minute to prepare for the fry. Otherwise they will be totally raw!
  2. Prepare the mix of the tofu, spring onion, and the pinch of salt, and stuff in the peppers.
  3. Beat an egg, and drizzle on top, then cover the split with flour to batter it. Fry until the insides are golden and serve!

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