(C.1200s, Iraq)


Freekeh is a traditional Middle Eastern grain, similar to rice or couscous, and is widely touted for its health benefits. This recipe dates to the 1300s and is a simple way to make a delicious meal. The grain has been enjoyed in the Levant region since at least 2300BC, and has found a place in the vegetarian and vegan communities. 

If you can get your hands on it, most likely at a Middle Eastern supermarket or health shop, freekeh adds a great variety to your diet, and is a tasty, healthier alternative to rice or pasta. 

This recipe comes from A Baghdad Cookery Book (1300s), and is called farīkiyya.

Ingredients: (Serves three)

200g of freekeh
400ml of water
Dried coriander leaf
Ground cumin & cinnamon
Meat (we used vegetarian chicken)

  1. Original Text: Fry meat in oil and braise with water, salt, and cinnamon bark. Stir in dried coriander with young wheat ‘freekeh’, and cook. Serve with cumin, cinnamon, and fresh lamb tail fat.
  2. Adapted Text: Fry a meat for a couple minutes until golden. Wait for it to cool. During this, rinse the freekeh grain and mix with dried coriander leaf.
  3. Boil the meat for about fifteen minutes. Rub the meat with cold water, and season with cinnamon and salt. Once the freekeh is cooked, drain and combine, serving with cumin and cinnamon. Feel free to add lamb tail fat, if you know where to get it!

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