Chiles en Nogada (1821, Mexico)


Stuffed peppers have an illustrious history around the globe; each country boasting their own version, unique to their culture. We’re trying out the stuffed peppers of Spain, Korea, India, and Mexico, exploring just how different a dish can get around the world.

This recipe is for the exquisitely elegant and elaborate Mexican Chiles en Nogada, meaning 'chilli peppers in walnut sauce'. 

This recipe will make six peppers.

For the peppers:                                                  For the stuffing:                                       For the sauce:

Six poblano peppers, baked, and peeled        1/4 a white onion                                    500g of walnuts

Three eggs to ‘capear’                                         250g of chopped tomatoes                    One cup of milk

A handful of white flour,                                   One clove of garlic                                   250g of almonds, blanched

A handful of pomegranate seeds                     250g of mince (50/50 pork, beef)       125g goats cheese

A handful of fresh parsley                                 1/4 cup of candied pineapple               A shot of sherry

                                                                                 50g of raisins                                           Helping of sugar

                                                                                 35g of sliced, blanched almonds 

                                                                                 One diced peach, apple, and pear

                                                                                 1/2 diced banana

                                                                                 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, cloves

                                                                                 Pinch of thyme, oregano, salt, pepper

                                                                                 1/4 cup roasted pine nuts

Make sure for this recipe that you blanch your walnuts in advance. It's time consuming, fidgety work, so do it the day before! Or the week before, as the nuns originally did in 1821.

  1. Fry your white onion. Add the mince, and leave for ten minutes on simmer. Dice the fruits, and add, leaving to fry for about five minutes. 
  2. Take out your pre-blanched walnuts from the fridge.  They should be kept in a small amount of milk to cover. Add to a food processor with the chopped almonds, and pulse. 
  3. Once it becomes a smooth-ish paste, add goats cheese, sugar, and more milk if necessary to achieve a creamy consistency. Add a shot of sherry for a kick. Pulse once more. 
  4. Once the meat and fruits are cooked, prepare your ‘capeado’. This egg batter is much like anything you’ll find on fish at a fish and chip shop, just beat the eggs as if making an omelette, and dip the pepper, already stuffed, in. Apply liberally flour on top, and fry. 
  5. Once fried, pour the walnut sauce on top, and decorate with pomegranate seeds and parsley to resemble the Mexican flag. Serve!

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