The First Chocolate Spread (1950s, Italy)


Why did it take until the 1940s for chocolate to become spreadable? And what was the first chocolate spread like? This recipe is for a pre-nutella chocolate spread – more hazelnuts and chocolate, less sugar and oils. And it is definitely one you want to make.

Ingredients: (Makes around 750g)

300g blanched hazelnuts
120g of dark chocolate
150/200g of sugar
150ml of milk (best to measure by eye, however)

  1. Pulse the hazelnuts to a paste, and if you find they’re a bit dry, add dashes of milk. Put it to a mixing bowl, then add the sugar, then the melted chocolate on top.  
  2. Add milk until it is a good consistency. You can eat it right away, or refrigerate it in a pot for a more settled result.

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